HEY! READ THIS 05/20/2020


Back from the dead! Well sort of…

Holy crap I can’t believe this site has been alive for nearly five years now, having started it way back during the simpler times of October 2015 which now seems like forever ago. So much has changed in my life since then that I almost feel like a completely different person, and in all honesty I probably am.

As you know the site really hasn’t been updated much since about mid 2018 and that’s for a variety of personal reason I’m not about to get into. One reason for not updating the site I am willing to talk about however is just how unmotivated I have been over the last year and a half. For along time I considered just taking the site down with no plans to ever update it again, but the very thought of that, of completely undoing all the work I put into making it…

I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

When I first launched johnnyhomicidal I did so with the intention of it being a fun blog (I hate that word) or space for me to share my thoughts and love of all things horror. Although I never stopped loving horror, the truth is during a rough time in my life I did in fact stop loving it as much as I once did. With that being said a few days ago I found myself in the same situation I was last year where I thought long and hard about taking the ol site out behind the barn and putting a bullet in its head once and for all. Obviously because I am writing this I chose not to do that and instead I plan to do the complete opposite of that and in some small capacity resuscitate it back to life. I have not been updating much, but I have kept an eye on the views and it’s crazy to see them higher than they have ever been.

So, while I have no grand plans to update as frequently as I did during the first 3 years of this sites existence I can say that you can expect a scattering of reviews/features from this point until the end of the year. It’s a difficult time for written blogs as everything seems to be on YouTube now, so maybe I’ll try to punch some life back into the video side of things as well. At this point I’m not promising readers or myself anything, I just wanted to raise my hand from the grave and say hello.




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