Warm Bodies (Review)

Written by J.Weagle

Cold body. Warm heart.

Back when Warm Bodies was first released I’m pretty sure I hailed it as the final blow in the complete destruction of the zombie genre.  While I do still agree with my past self (I might add Walking Dead to the reasoning as well), Warm Bodies ends up being a rather cute film with not a half bad script and a terrific soundtrack.

The film follows a zombie simply named “R” (Nicholas Hoult) because he can’t remember his first name only the first letter, as he mindlessly goes about his day as a member of the living dead.  He gets hit with the old love at first sight when he lays eyes on a girl name Julie (Teresa Palmer) who he manages to save and bring back to his sweet bachelors pad, the inside of an airplane.  While understandably frightened at first, Julie learns that R is quite a bit different from the mindless brain eating stereotype and feelings build between them.

The cast does a pretty good job with what I would consider a rather cheesy romantic comedy.  Nicholas Hoult deserves credit as the heartthrob zombie, as his delivery with a lot of the jokes made him a likable character from the very beginning.  Palmer, as well comes off as the sweet and cute, trying to change other living humans minds about how they think about the living dead.  John Malkovich shows up as her father and a man who despises zombies and rules his own empire within a walled off city, and does a pretty cheese ball job with the role but in the best possible way.

What may have caught me off guard the most with Warm Bodies is how lighthearted and genuinely funny the script is, the complete opposite of what it was originally being compared to (Twilight saga films).  Directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50, The Night Before) the film shows the exact comedic timing as his other films, and while it is often compared to another series about a young girl falling for a dead person, Warm Bodies shows more heart in a single frame than that entire franchise did.

There is a lot to like in Warm Bodies, but with that being said there is also a lot to dislike.  Die hard zombie fans looking for the Romero gore will not find it here, though it does offer a pretty good amount of social commentary.  While it is certainly not a blood bath, it makes for a pretty decent date movie that even those who absolutely hate zombie movies will probably find something to enjoy in it.  An overall good cast, solid directing and a soundtrack that offers a mix of rock ballads to Dylan, Warm Bodies is one to check out for those zombie fans willing to venture outside their comfort zone.


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