The Only Kong Movies that Matter


Written by J. Weagle

Surprisingly there haven’t been that many King Kong movies since its beginnings way back in the early 1930’s, which seems bizarre considering just how iconic the big ape is in pop culture.  Looking at all the spin offs and terrible sequels it is pretty clear to see that at the end of the day there are only three major Kong films that actually matter.  With the upcoming release of Kong: Skull Island I thought I would layout for everyone the only movies they need to watch to prepare for the new entry.


3. King Kong versus Godzilla

Yeah this one is sort of cheating considering its nothing more than some twelve year old’s wet dream and offers nothing but pure fan service for those who love giant monster movies like myself.  Long before we got other horror legends facing off (such as Freddy and Jason) we saw both iconic monsters on screen at the same time in this cheese ball 1960’s mashup.  It adds nothing new to the story of Kong but it is interesting to see how the Japanese filmmakers handled the character and the stupidity of the whole ordeal makes it worth the watch.


2. King Kong (2005)

This isn’t the first time Kong was remade, there is also that 1970’s version that ended up being a near shot for shot remake with somehow worse special effects than the original film.  In the early 2000’s Peter Jackson (Dead Alive, Lord of the Rings trilogy) attempted to bring Kong back to the big screen with his own unique vision for what the character could be.  In all honesty I feel that this film gets more hate than it deserves, and while it may not be a groundbreaking achievement in film making, it is a pretty fun ride.  Yes it is poorly paced and runs about forty-five minutes longer then it needs to, but at least Jackson tried something different even if it didn’t hit every mark.


1. King Kong (1933)

Obviously the original film released way back in 1933 is the most important King Kong movie to watch.  It was a remarkable achievement in pushing the boundaries of film forward and it is hard to imagine a cinematic world where this movie doesn’t exist.   Made with stop motion effects that at the time were unlike anything ever seen before building the foundation of what we’d come to expect from a Hollywood Blockbuster.  Sure the special effects aren’t going to wow audiences today like it did when initially released but surprisingly the film holds up well and is just as watchable today as it was then.


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