SEX SELLS: Hottest Girls of Horror (Part Five)


Written by J. Weagle

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Let’s face it, sex and horror go together like chocolate and peanut butter, It’s almost as if you can’t have one without the other.  There is a lot that can be said about the role of women in horror films.  Sure, a lot of them are only there to scream, show their tits and than get killed, but at the same time the horror genre is also has had some of the greatest roles for females.  So many come to mind: Ripley from Alien, Sydney from Scream, Laurie from the Halloween series.  They all portray strong independent women who totally kick ass while looking super hot doing so.

This list will be separated into five parts, showcasing fifteen women who have stood out and managed to find away to leave their mark in the very crowded history of horror.

13. Sigourney Weaver


sigourneyAnother one of those ladies that is just impossible to leave off this list, as she has pretty much become the all time queen of Sci Fi horror.  Everyone knows her as the bad ass Ripley from the Alien franchise, where she has starred in all of the main films from the original to Resurrection.  Frankly it wouldn’t really matter if she didn’t dip her toes back into the horror water because that alone was enough to get her on this list, but you can add a few more to it anyway.  Although not a horror film (it most certainly has many horror elements) she played Dana Barrett in the classic Ghostbusters films, and even had a small role in the well received horror commentary that was Cabin in the Woods.  She has helped challenge the gender roles in Hollywood, becoming one of the first major females to kick ass, so it is no wonder they call her The Queen of Sci Fi.

14. Sarah Michelle Gellar

tumblr_l3wdd1fyad1qcq9h7o1_r1_500 1990’s is often perceived as one of the darkest decades for the genre, usually for one reason or another, but one thing the 90’s did well, was give rise to the stunning Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Yes, Buffy herself who has over the years made numerous appearances throughout the horror scene in both cameos, and leading roles.  In the late 90’s she appeared in the successful teen slashers I Know What you Did Last Summer, as well as the other big teen horror franchise Scream 2.  She was in the thriller Cruel Intentions, and took the lead role in the American remake of The Grudge, as well as The Grudge 2.  But, without a doubt she is most famous and will always be remembered as perhaps the toughest girl in television history thanks to her performance as Buffy from the long running Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She has become a role model to women all over the world, putting on that rare display of both toughness and good looks.

15. Jamie Lee Curtis


halloween-jamie-lee-curtis-scaredDaughter of Janet Leigh (Hitchcock’s Psycho) Jamie Lee Curtis has left her imprint on the horror genre for eternity.  We first got introduced to her as the babysitter named Laurie from John Carpenter’s near flawless slasher film Halloween.  It was from this moment forward that she would be hailed as one of horror’s all time scream queens, and one of the toughest females to grace cinema.  She would reprise her role in Halloween 2, and even made a cameo appearance in Halloween 3, return to the franchise twenty years later in Halloween H2O, and even in Halloween Resurrection.  However many forget that the early part of her career was dominated with smaller films such as Prom Night, John Carpenter’s The Fog, and Terror Train.  She will always be remembered fondly for bringing one of the bravest women ever to the big screen, and even though she has gone on to other genres, she still has a respect and love for her roots in horror.

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