Written by J. Weagle

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Let’s face it, sex and horror go together like chocolate and peanut butter, it’s almost as if you can’t have one without the other.  There is a lot that can be said about the role of women in horror films.  Sure, a lot of them are only there to scream, show their tits and than get killed but at the same time the horror genre is also has had some of the greatest roles for females.  So many come to mind: Ripley from Alien, Sydney from Scream, Laurie from the Halloween series.  They all portray strong independent women who totally kick ass while looking super hot doing so.

This list will be separated into five parts, showcasing fifteen women who have stood out and managed to find away to leave their mark in the very crowded history of horror.

4. Neve Campbell


586904886In the 1990’s Neve Campbell was on top of the world.  She was hot, and played the lead role in what would become one of horror’s most famous franchises in history Scream.  Everyone knows her as Sydney, the high school girl who continuously kicks serial killer ass including her own boyfriend.  This Canadian beauty started off as the innocent, shy virgin but quickly turned into one of horrors most bad ass girls.  She is on the list for her work in Scream alone, but managed to make other notable appearances including the infamous lesbian scene she shared with Denise Richards in the overly sexy Wild Things.

5. Milla Jovovich


tumblr_lrv859uAR91qcga5ro1_500What can be said about Milla that hasn’t already been said?  When we first heard that the Resident Evil games were going to be turned into movies with out the main characters from the game series we all shook our fists in fanboy rage.  Then we saw Milla as Alice – maybe the toughest female ever brought to the big screen and witnessed as she saved the day.  Seriously those Resident Evil movies wouldn’t be half as good if not for this gorgeous ex model running off walls, and wearing tight outfits that leave little to the imagination.  She’s hot, she’s always been hot maybe even more so now than she was a few years ago.  She’s easily on the list for completely saving the Resident Evil franchise, but she has dabbled in the genre outside of infected killing, showing up in The Fourth Kind, and The Perfect Getaway.

6. Angela Bettis


angela_bettis_mayIn my personal opinion no lady deserves to be on this list more so than Angela Bettis.  Over the years she has managed to bring so many great characters to life, while looking sexy in her own unique way.  Like most I first fell in love with her as the lovable but socially awkward May.  She even played the iconic Carrie in the television movie, which I must say is highly underrated and in fact Bettis’ Carrie is still my all time favorite version of the character.  She has made appearances in countless things such as: Dexter, Tobe Hooper’s Toolbox Murders, the short lived Masters of Horror, and even directed her own horror film titled Roman and a segment in the horror anthology The ABC’s of Death.  Not only is she one of the hottest girls, she’s also a true gem in the horror scene.


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