Would You Rather (Review)


Written by J. Weagle

Go on take the money and run.

I was skeptical about what exactly I was in for when first hearing about Would You Rather.  I had heard nothing about this film previous, and went into it blindly, which is often the best way to approach a movie.  From the opening the to very end, this movie has to be the leading contender for most depressing horror film this year.  It plays out more like some sort of sick character study, and although it fits in the same category as films like Saw, or Hostel, it takes a more serious route.

The film follows Iris (Brittney Snow) who is desperate to help her brother who suffers from cancer, unknowingly she agrees to compete in a deadly game of “Would You Rather,” hosted by a sadistic rich aristocrat (Jeffrey Combs).

I’ll start by saying that I did enjoy this film more than I thought I would.  As I said what we get here is more of a character study, as we follow Iris into what becomes a trip into the sadistic minds of human beings.  Her along with a few other notable folks are invited to dinner party and given the chance to win some serious cash.  The catch however being that Jeffery Combs character isn’t willing to just hand them the money, and instead they are forced into a deadly game where they begin to be killed off one by one.  It’s an interesting idea, one that immediately reminded me of Saw, cancer side story and all.

For me Jeffery Combs as the rich sadistic, yet well mannered billionaire was possibly the best part of the entire thing.  It was nice to see him get more than just a cameo as he is a pretty fantastic character actor who doesn’t often get the credit he deserves.  With that being said somewhat stealing the show was Sasha Grey, who yet again proves that she has fully transitioned from adult film actress to a media juggernaut.  Her character Amy becomes the wild card of sorts who pushes the awkward situation into a game of life or death.


Rob Wells (Trailer Park Boys fame) plays the big hearted lovable type, basically the complete opposite role that we are use to seeing him in.  Although it is nice to see him venture outside of the Canadian television world, the truth is that his acting is the weakest in the film and it is hard to see him as anyone else other then Ricky.

It is no where near a perfect film, and some serious plot holes will leave you scratching your head, such as the implausibility of the whole thing.  It wants us to assume that none of the invited guest told any friends or family where they were going, but it’s easy to look past that, as we become all to interested in what choices certain characters will make.

The overall concept is an interesting one, and I always give bonus points to horror films when they are able to incorporate human behavior into them.  It is too bad that once the killing gets started the film becomes all to predictable, except for the finale five minutes which makes for one of those love or hate type endings.  The strong performances by a somewhat odd casting choice helps iron out some of the movies shortcomings, and it will leave you asking yourself would you rather?



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