Sex Sells: Hottest Girls of Horror (Part One)


Written by J. Weagle

Let’s face it, sex and horror go together like chocolate and peanut butter, It’s almost as if you can’t have one without the other.  There is a lot that can be said about the role of women in horror films.  Sure, a lot of them are only there to scream, show their tits and than get killed, but at the same time the horror genre is also has had some of the greatest roles for females.  So many come to mind: Ripley from Alien, Sydney from Scream, Laurie from the Halloween series.  They all portray strong independent women who totally kick ass while looking super hot doing so.

This list will be separated into five parts, showcasing fifteen women who have stood out and managed to find away to leave their mark in the very crowded history of horror.

1.  Sherri Moon Zombie


290px-Sherimoon1000Sherri Moon’s ass has almost become an iconic staple of her husband (Rob Zombie’s) films.  His wife is hot and he wants the entire planet to know, which is a good thing for us as she ends up being naked or half naked in nearly every one of his movies.  We first got introduced to Sherri as Baby Firefly with House of a 1000 Corpses where she played the youngest of a family of sadistic killers.  She followed that up in the sequel reclaiming her role as the sexy but crazy chick on the run, and even played Michael Myers mother in Zombie’s remake of the beloved classic.  She has come along way since than, getting her first lead role in the unappreciated Lords of Salem just this year.  I’m sure she and her ass will continue showing up in whatever Rob Zombie does next,

2. Asia Argento

8149032asia-argentoAsia is one tough chick, or at least she is good at playing that part.  The daughter of one of horror’s greatest filmmakers Asia has managed to make her own mark on horror with her unique look that separates her from the standard bimbos who get killed off within the first five minutes.  She started her career quite young, showing up in her fathers movies in small parts, but got her breakout in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead.  It’s safe to say that she has done it all from acting to modeling, and is fluent in multiple languages including Italian, English, and French.  Lucky for us this badass chick isn’t shy about going nude either, as she has done more nude scenes in her young career than most actresses would ever dare to do, than again most actresses don’t look as good as Asia.

3. Jordan Ladd

Cabin_Finger_10_09_12JordaninCDStretchinginBikiniLike many the first time I saw Jordan Ladd was in Eli Roth’s debut film Cabin Fever, but the truth is she has been around the horror scene much longer than that.  She actually got her start in Embrace of the Vampire (1994) – the super sexualized tale of vampires that made controversy back in the day for maybe being a little too sexy.  It was Cabin Fever however that gave her the break she needed and really emphasized just how good of an actress she is.  She followed Cabin Fever up with the cheesy but awesome Club Dread where she even did a topless scene for those wanting to see more of the blonde beauty.  It seems as though she has stuck to the horror genre throughout most of her career working with some legendary filmmakers such as David Lynch (Inland Empire), and Quentin Tarantino (Death Proof) along the way.

Check back for Part Two.

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