Hey! Read This 10/17/2015


Written by J. Weagle

Back at this.

It feels weird writing this, like I’m digging through the very recent and never forgotten past.  I guess this is sort of an introduction, because I feel as though maybe I need one.  I should start off by saying this isn’t my first foray into writing about horror, science fiction and genre films in general.

For me it was time to start again after a long hiatus and it feels pretty good.  I’ve ran a few sites over the years and without a doubt the most fun I had was creating a site based around all the things I love and hate about horror culture.  From a podcast, to video games and movies this is a genre that has been close to my black heart since as early as I can remember and I’ve enjoyed every bit of talking about it.

If anything this is sort of a heads up, there will be a flood of content hitting this site early and a lot of it is articles/essays/reviews from long ago that I managed to save and wanted them to live once again on the internet.  That’s not to say that there won’t be new stuff coming as well, as I plan to update the site quite regularly with rants, reviews and just my thoughts in general on the history and future of horror and genre entertainment.

2015 has been a good year for lovers of horror/scifi like myself, and I feel like slowly there is a new energy forming around it.  As I mentioned above horror is in my blood, some of my earliest memories are of slashers movies (Friday the 13th, Halloween) and polygonal video game nightmares (Resident Evil, Silent Hill).  There’s no doubt I’ll reminisce about the “good ol days” of horror but ultimately I look forward to what the future has in place and what my opinions of it will be.



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